MacDonald Financial Consultants Ltd was set up provide a “client first” philosophy and has a collaborative culture among its professionals. We are committed to enriching the lives of our clients by delivering unsurpassed client satisfaction, peace of mind and a full suite of personalised financial planning services.

A distinguishing element of our company is our experience, which enables us to become your primary financial co-ordinator. Qualified professionals from the fields of financial planning, investing, accounting, business administration, pensioneer trustee, trust and estate planning and insurance provide independent advice and expertise. Our culture fosters teamwork and collaboration, ensuring that each of our valued clients has access to the expertise of all our financial colleagues.

We are fee based independent financial planners who are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. We aim to become your primary financial co-ordinator. We specialise in Financial Planning, Pensioneer Trustee services and we are Trust & Estate Practitioners.