We are registered Trust & Estate Practitioners who help families plan for their futures, specialising in a wide range of activities, from drafting a relatively simple will to more complex issues surrounding, trust requirements for inheritance tax or CAT planning. We help a wide variety of international families, vulnerable family members, family businesses succession planning and passing farming assets to the next generation. We are members of the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners. www.step.org

We utilise our expertise as Trust & Estate Practitioners to help our clients understand the complexities of such gifting in their lifetime. We incorporate this planning in cooperation with the client’s own solicitor or in some cases introduce specialists in the field of legal drafting and tax planning.

During the estate planning process the following structures and issues need to be considered:

  • Wills – is there a Will in place, does it reflect your current wishes
  • Bare Trust – review how your investments are held structurally to ensure confidentiality
  • Enduring Power of Attorney – What happens if you lose capacity to make financial decisions?
  • Nominations – have you nominated that your insured investments are transferring on death to nominated beneficiaries?
  • Letters of wishes – have you designated who benefits from your pension fund if you die?
  • Gifting strategies – Using the small gift exemption annually and using CAT thresholds along with trusts to educate family members financially.